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Project Description
The foundation library provides solutions to common development tasks in the areas logging, data access, web development (including ASP.NET MVC), and security.

Foundation Library

This library supports the development of enterprise applications by providing code and constructs for recommended patterns and solutions to common problems. In more detail, the following components are provided
  • Extended calendaring features such as week of year and month of year including formatters.
  • Collection types for use with NHibernate, especially in cases where aggregates reference collections which need a back-reference to the aggregate itself
  • Data types for grouped lists, paged lists and page resolvers for use with e.g. NHibernate
  • Support for ORM-independent session management and data access objects
  • Constructs implementing the domain event pattern
  • Useful extensions to data types DateTime, String, Int32, IEnumerable, IQueryable, and PagedList
  • Helpers for using expressions and enumerations
  • Logging abstractions
  • Mail template support for simple use cases (if more complex formatting is required, the use of XSLT style sheets might be a more suitable approach)
  • Extensive support for web development
    • Converters for HTML encoding
    • An NHibernate session module
    • Various helpers and extensions for ASP.NET MVC development

Note: This library makes use of third-party components and libraries, in particular NHibernate, log4net, Castle.Windsor as a DI container, Enterprise Library Logging, and others.

This project is currently in an alpha development state since most unit tests have not been ported to the new project yet, but a first public alpha release is available. What is more, a documentation/wiki page is still under construction.

If you have questions, comments, or want to submit a bug or issue report, use the features on this project site to do so.

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